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Cultivating Mindfulness in Kids

Christine Peck

Our good friend Margot Wanner (aka Mindful Margot) is not only hyper educated, but a very present and amazing mother. Therefore, she doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks it. And that in our book, means we should slow down and listen to her wisdom.

Margot is an expert in mindfullness and has provided some wonderful exercises that will allow you to practice mindfullness with your kids. Check them out below.

I have been practicing these with my sons, and I tell ya, it is a wonderful experience.  Helping them to develop self-compassion has been something I have wanted to teach, but Margot's simple ideas below, is what has allowed me to to do it effectively...sneaking it into conversations in the car and on walks.


Just like a tree in springtime, kindness grows more kindness. Below are some simple ideas to help kids see everyday kindness.

• Create a kindness journal where you can write down the moments of kindness that they notice

• Make a kindness jar that you fill with post-it notes. When someone in your family notices someone being kind, make a note of it. Review the contents of the jar every so often.

• If you are feeling Pinterest-y, create a tree that you can adorn with leaf-shaped notes that family members tack up when they feel or see an act of kindness

Note: These moments of kindness can be as simple as a child saying something kind to a sibling, or bringing a dish to the sink. Maybe someone at school helped a classmate who was struggling.

Help kids by asking them questions like....
“How did it feel to see/hear that? Could you feel the kindness anywhere in your body?”

And an equally important conversation is: ‘How do you treat yourself with kindness? What kind of things can you tell yourself when you feel proud, or sad, or angry?’
Because kindness is contagious & it starts within each of us. Let it grow, my friends!