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Welcome to Silly Street! We are a brand of Character Builder games and puzzles for kiddos. Check us out to see how we help little ones build Character Skills like bravery, grit, empathy and more.



Dear Molders of Young Minds...

Thank you for visiting our pile of resources. Here we have things you can read, rabbit holes you can go down, links you can click and things you can download, all in the name of learning more about building Character. Read on.


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Further Exploration 

Here are some links to info we think is both interesting and valuable. There are lots of smart people doing research, writing articles, teaching and spreading the good word about the benefit of strong character, and how to set kiddos up for success throughout life. 

Angela Duckworth on Grit

On Grit.

More on Grit.

Even more on Grit.

On Empathy.

On Bravery.

Bringing games into the school setting.

NPR on the benefits of play.

On the purpose of play.

NPR on the importance of building Character in childhood.

NPR on Character Skills.

On building Character in schools.

Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity at TED

Edutopia "Teaching Kindness is Essential in reducing Bullying"

Harvard "Schools Role in Empathy and Citizenship

Harvard "Raising Kind Children."

Making Caring Common

Harvard "Cultivating Empathy"


Here are a few organizations we think are doing great work on Character. 

Character Lab

Kipp Charter Schools


Please visit us again as we will update this page as we find more juicy nuggets on Character and play.

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