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Welcome to Silly Street! We are a brand of Character Builder games and puzzles for kiddos. Check us out to see how we help little ones build Character Skills like bravery, grit, empathy and more.

About Us


About Little Ole Us


Silly Street makes award-winning Character Builder games & toys & wares that help kids develop character skills like grit, curiosity, empathy & creativity.

Silly Street uses thoughtful play techniques to help kiddos build Character skills that support their cognitive learning, and help them thrive throughout their entire lives. More on that in our whole pile of resources.


But who are the HUMANS behind Silly Street?


We thought you'd never ask.

Silly Street was founded by Christine Peck & Meghan DeRoma. We are two moms that thought that the world needed a little more time to PLAY. Conveniently, we had built in focus groups (aka, our kiddos were just entering school).

Silly Street the game was born over the sweaty days of summer break (and then some), and has lead to a whole line of Character Builder products. We wanted to make the good stuff. Stuff that kids loved, that made them the awesomest versions of themselves, and that parents actually loved (and loved to play with), too.  

It is our mission in life to give kids, families and communities access to the benefits of play.


Silly Street mission giving

We accomplish this through the thoughtful and researched design of our products, and by  partnering with schools and educators to implement more opportunities for play-based learning into classrooms and communities. 

Some of our giving partners:

State Bags

Kipp Charter Schools

Ed Camp


Behold, the Silly Street WAll of FAAAAAMMMME

Silly Street wasn't built by us alone. We have had so many aweomse people who have been staunch supporters along the way. The real Silly Street squad. So much love and gratitude to you all.